About MobCable.com

MobCable.com is a web based browser, allowing you access to the files on your Android phone using Internet, without a USB cable or a Wi-Fi connection.

MobCable.com works together with the MobCable Android app and a secret authorization code.

How to use MobCable

1. Download and start the app

Download the MobCable App from Android market and start it on your phone.

2. Open a browser on a computer

Enter the URL www.mobcable.com in a browser, and enter the secret code, from the phone, in the input box. The phone and the browser is now locked together.

3. Upload and download files

Upload and download files from your phone, using MobCable.com

4. Stop the app

Stop the app, by pressing "Back" or "Home" on your phone and close your browser. The secret code is invalidated within 15 minutes.